Monthly Archives: August 2013

More Than I Wanted to Learn

James and Mary Kenny, authors of Whole-Life Parenting, dedicated their book to their twelve children “who have taught us most of what we know and in some cases more than we wanted to learn”

Living with other people physically and being connected with them emotionally inevitably involves learning more than we ever wanted to know.

We go into relationships expecting to learn some things—“I’ll learn more about my husband’s work.” “I’ll learn how to change a diaper.” Those anticipated lessons seem like things that we can master and control. Learning new things can be wonderful, too, especially discovering the beauties, strengths, and unique qualities of those we love.

Part of Family Life Education is sharing information about what to expect and how to deal with it. The more we can anticipate and plan for, the easier our lives will be, whether we are selecting appropriate playthings, coping with a teething toddler, or communicating with a teenager.

Then there are those things that we didn’t or couldn’t anticipate: illness, a child we just don’t understand, changes in family structure. Life lessons that are not wonderful. Times when the universe grabs us, shakes us, and tells us that we are not in control.

Family Life Education can also offer support for those times when we are forced to learn. Interactive workshops can connect us to others with similar experiences and the wisdom that comes from life experience.

Learning makes us strong, sharing our knowledge makes all of us stronger.


Esther Schiedel